Yes! SWIPEER works on all kind of phones, screens, tablets, laptops and portable consoles.

Yes. After a few uses, the microfiber cloths may collect dust and dirt. Wash SWIPEER with plain water and soap and let it dry before bringing it again with you.

No. The liquid has a watery, non-sticky consistency. It removes fingerprints and oily traces and makes using the touchscreen pleasant.

• The body piece covered with a lint-free microfiber cloth.
• A spray bottle filled with cleaning liquid and placed inside the body
• A transparent cover to protect the microfiber cloth from dirt when you carry it in your pocket or purse.

The difference is in the cleaning formula. 
Our competitors sell similar products as "screen cleaner" or "phone cleaner".
SWIPEER is not only a cleaner but also a sanitizer.

We use a cleaning solution that can sanitize various surfaces of the most common electronic devices without damaging plastics, industrial glues, and chemical screen coatings used in modern smartphones. 

Yes, go to our home page and select the product variant "Liquid Refill (50ml)".

The product is 26x26x90mm or 1.02x1.02x3.54in with a weight of 62g or 2.2oz

Yes. We offer an affiliate program to earn 15% of each sale made through your referral link (similarly to Amazon affiliate links).

To get your personal referral link visit: https://swipeer.goaffpro.com

We accept credit cards, apple pay, and PayPal for a better customer protection.

Shipping FAQ

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After the order is placed, it takes 24h to 72h to be processed.

Shipping times vary depending on the country:
- United States: 1 to 8 Days
- United Kingdom: 5 to 12 days
- Australia: 6 to 14 days
- Europe: 7 to 15 days
- Rest of the world: 10 to 20 days

No. All costs are included in the product price; no hidden costs.

Following Brexit, we can ensure that customers from the United Kingdom do not need to pay any importing fees.